3 Rituals to build an Optimistic Team

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You get into the car and turn the key. The moment of truth. Does the engine spring into life or is there disappointment?

Does it start or does it stutter?

The team comes together to discuss the new task they have been given.

Does the team start or does it stutter? 

Will there be optimism in the air, or will despair and cynicism reign with focus on the lack of time and resources?

The Optimistic Team

We can imagine that the members of an optimistic team radiate enthusiasm, maintain a forward-looking attitude, and consistently show appreciation for one another.

Low Levels of Negativity

On this optimistic team, you rarely find cynicism, pessimism, or feelings of helplessness or hopelessness.

The Mechanics of Team Optimism

Why Optimism Matters

An optimistic team out-performs the cynical, dispairing team. But how exactly?

Boosting Resilience

The optimistic team deals better with challenges. As the project progresses, hurdles inevitably emerge. An optimistic team, fortified by positive memories of past successes, rises to each challenge. In a virtuous cycle, the optimistic team builds on completed work to become more optimistic about the future.

Enhancing Collaboration

When the team believes in their collective ability to succeed, the natural outcome is heightened collaboration and mutual support. The team members know from the last success that future success depend on being able to give and receive support from other team members. This increased collaboration supports overall team positivity and culture.

Promotes Creative Thinking and Risk Taking

Optimists see solutions, not just problems. Creative thinking thrives. Teams with optimism are more willing to venture out of the comfort zone.

How to get it.

If optimism is a game-changer for team productivity, you might be thinking "How can I get some for my team?"

The following contains three concrete ideas have proven to promote optimism.

However, there is a concrete theme in all three: celebrating wins. This seems unnatural at first, but very soon, celebrating success will become part of the team culture.

1. Optimism Wall

Create an online or physical board to showcase a collection of team wins.

2.Success Bell

Ring a physical or virtual bell to mark significant milestones, boosting team morale instantaneously.

3. Daily Win Roundup

During the daily meeting, take time, maybe just one minute to celebrate something that went well.

How small or large the thing to be celebrated is less important than normalizing the celebration itself.