Your new Team Coach



    I'm Peter Hall.

    Professional Team Coach

    ICF Accredited as ACC

    ORSC trained

    Agile Expert

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    I help teams establish clear goals, become adept with open communications and foster a positive team culture.


    Your team has a job to do. Communication around achieving goals is essential to a productive and colaborativve team culture.

    Teams can struggle with alignment around goals, communication or conflict. I believe that this struggle is the motor for change. Wanting something more. That is when change is possible.

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    "Peter supported the team to better understand and occupy their roles and provided the framework to establish our company values. His coaching style was a great fit. for our team"


    - Paul -


    "Peter is a wonderful coach who creates a safe environment for clients to explore and develop self-awareness. He has the ability to help you see other possibilities in situations and how to quiet your inner critic and be your best self."


    -- Jill --


    Coaching with Peter was very helpful for me, and I would repeat the experience because I appreciated his style and expertise in managing my exuberant flow. He asked me questions that made me think for days and allowed me to fully assess what I wanted to change in the medium to long term. Working with him has allowed me to evolve to another state. I recommend him as a coach, and he has my respect as a professional.


    -- L. --


    Peter has a fantastic skill in giving space to the coachee and is very comfortable with silence to allow the coachee to dig deeper.




    Peter truly is a masterful coach. Not only are his coaching skills top-notch, but his manner is incredibly kind, gentle, and direct. His questions are clear and simple, but powerful. I can't recommend Peter as a coach enough!