Respect and its impact on team effectiveness

How two teams navigate their day.

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As the sun breaks through at 9am, two teams convene for their daily huddle. Team Dolphin thrives on mutual respect, while Team Hyena often neglects its value. Dive into their contrasting worlds and witness the profound impact.

Team "Dolphin"

Morning Meeting: As Team "Dolphin" gathers for their morning meeting, each member is given an opportunity to speak. When speaking, members are attentive, make eye contact, and actively listen. No interruptions occur, and each idea is received with an open mind. Even if an idea is eventually rejected, it is done so with valid reasons and constructive feedback.

Collaboration: Members of Team "Dolphin" recognize each other's strengths. They delegate tasks based on these strengths, ensuring efficient workflow. They communicate openly, and when problems arise, they solve them with a solution-focused approach.

Conflict: In the afternoon, two members have a disagreement over a project strategy. However, they address the issue immediately. They listen to each other's concerns, ask clarifying questions, and work towards a compromise, always keeping the team's objective in mind.

Impact: Team "Dolphin" is efficient, has high morale, and its members feel valued and engaged. They consistently meet their targets, and their collaborative efforts often lead to innovative solutions.

Team "Hyena"

Morning Meeting: As they start their day, members of Team "Hyena" talk over each other. Some members are dismissive, while others are hesitant to speak, fearing ridicule. Ideas are often shot down immediately without proper consideration.

Collaboration: Throughout the day, there's evident friction. Tasks aren't allocated based on strengths but rather on favoritism or random assignment. There's little open communication, leading to duplication of efforts and missed tasks.

Conflict: A disagreement in the afternoon escalates quickly. Instead of addressing the core issue, the discussion becomes personal, with members attacking each other's character. Other team members avoid getting involved, leading to unresolved conflicts that simmer.

Impact: Team "Hyena" struggles with efficiency and often misses deadlines. The lack of open communication hampers innovation, and unresolved conflicts lead to a toxic work environment. This leads to high turnover and low team morale.

The comparison between Team "Dolphin" and Team "Hyena" paints a clear picture of the significant role that respect plays in team dynamics. While the former thrives on mutual appreciation, collaboration, and open communication, leading to enhanced productivity and team cohesion, the latter is plagued by inefficiencies, misunderstandings, and animosities, severely hampering their potential.

Which team, Team Dolphin or Team Hyena reminds you most about your team?